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Our Principal's Corner

Our Principal's Corner


Catholic Schools Week 2019!!!"

January 30, 2019


by Jason Swann, Principal






SMS Family! 

This past week marked the universal celebration of Catholic School’s Week. As many of you witnessed last Sunday, our students took on ministry roles in the mass to begin the week of celebration. Each day during this special week focuses on an aspect of the Church and how we can better grow as Christians in that area of ministry. This year, each day represented a different area of focus: 

Sunday – January 27 is the celebration of our Parish. Students will take the role of ministries in our 10:30am mass and wear their uniforms. Biscuits and gravy will be served by the CYO in the cafeteria after mass.

Monday – January 28 is the celebration of vocations. Students will take some time to research, discuss and learn of different vocations and opportunities to serve our faith.

Tuesday – January 29 is the celebration of our faculty, staff and volunteers. PTO has generously decided to bring various snack, lunch, and uplifting items in during the week for our staff. 

Wednesday – January 30 is the celebration of our nation through media. With so much negative media in the world today, our student council has taken it upon themselves to do a mock, red-carpet interview of our younger students as they head to All-School mass and post the interviews on our social media platforms to remind the nation that through Christ, we can do all things!

Thursday – January 31 is the celebration of our community. Several businesses in our community have been chosen to receive appreciation baskets created and delivered by our students. 

Friday – February 1 is the celebration of our students. Buses will be escorting our students for a fun-filled morning at the Central Recreational Center where students will take part in games and swimming. Upon their return, they will enjoy a sack-picnic style lunch in the gym with games and free-play time.

Many of you stated to me and our teachers after last week’s Sunday morning mass, how wonderful it was to see the students in church covering ministries within the mass. As a school, I can say that we are hoping to begin this type of service once a month during the school year so I can say with all sincerity, I’m very pleased that all of you are so excited regarding this amazing ministry by our students! However, these opportunities unfortunately cannot manifest themselves fully. 

Your presence and support allow weeks such as this to happen for our students. Bringing your children to mass increases their knowledge and desire to serve in Christ’s Church. Your fiscal contribution at mass gives your students the opportunity to learn and grow at SMS by funding educational opportunities for kids, bringing in presenters, allowing for professional development and salaries for teachers, etc. One significant responsibility of our Catholic school is to subsidize the church with future leaders. Please help us to be able to do that very thing! 

Thank you for your continued consideration and support!

Mr. Swann/Principal




[Posted January 30, 2019]

Our Principal's Corner